With Christmas around the corner, the fight is on against Government plans to let the banks keep billions of pounds they wrongly took from innocent consumers during the PPI mis-selling scandal.

It's #PayBackTime

Anyone who's had a loan, credit card, mortgage, car finance or any other credit agreement in the past 10 years could be affected.

We believe there are still billions of pounds of mis-sold PPI still hidden away in the bankers’ coffers.

So no one will be surprised that the bankers are trying to put a stop to PPI compensation payments as soon as possible.

Behind closed doors they have been furiously lobbying the Government in the hope of adding these remaining billions towards the profits used to calculate their bonuses and not returning it to those who it rightfully belongs to – you the consumer.

They are planning a New Year cash windfall for bankers by limiting how customers can get their money back from the banks who took it illegally from them in the first place.

The first aim is to set a completely unnecessary deadline that will see consumers forced to put in their claims by June 2019, or risk never seeing their money again.

And now, the bankers are pushing the Government to destroy claims management companies because they know that the majority of PPI compensation claims are identified by these companies who go on to assist the consumer in getting their money back.

Claims management companies have so far invested over £200m publicising the PPI scandal and the valuable services they offer. This has resulted in almost £6bn being won back for consumers.

It’s clear that this Government has been captured by the banks. Protecting the Scrooges running the big banks instead of helping ordinary consumers. That can’t be right!

It’s payback time - don’t let them get away with it again.

It’s payback time - don’t let them get away with it again.


The Payback Time campaign has been formed to expose how government, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the banks are working together to keep money owed to people when they illegally mis-sold them PPI. Under plans to be unveiled in the New Year, the government plans to introduce regulations which will limit what companies can do to expose the PPI scandal and help consumers get back money that the banks illegally took from them. The campaign is calling on supporters to tell the banks that it’s Payback Time and to show their opposition to the government’s plans by writing to their local MP and using the Twitter hashtag #paybacktime.

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