acc guiding principles

Members of the Alliance of Claims Companies should:

  1. Be authorised by the Claims Management Regulator (or the Solicitors Regulation Authority in respect of solicitors firms) to conduct claims management activities 
  2. Adhere to all statutory rules, regulations and codes of conduct for claims management companies
  3. Adhere to relevant guidelines, principles and Codes of Conduct for better regulation and consumer protection
  4. Adhere to the principles of treating customers fairly
  5. Adhere to the BBA's Letter of Authority principles (if your firm is required to submit LOAs)
  6. Be able to demonstrate that they have clear and transparent fees and charging structures for consumers who use their service(s)
  7. Participate in discussions, forums and/or exchanges regarding topics affecting the ACC and the claims management industry, when required 
  8. Provide information (where necessary) to promote the wider interests of the ACC and its members and to enable the ACC to monitor compliance with these principles

Members of the Alliance of Claims Companies should NOT:

  1. Charge up-front fees to consumers for any service in respect of PPI mis-selling
  2. At the time of joining the ACC, be under investigation by a regulatory or trade body*
  3. Act in any way which may bring themselves, the ACC or the wider industry into disrepute

*If members are placed under investigation we reserve the right to require further details to determine whether there are any issues that may affect the ACC or its members.